So, when you’re Cameron Bright, a.k.a. “that guy who was in one of the Twilight movies one time,” you are kind of near the end of a very long list that includes R.Pattz, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Yutz — whoops, I mean Lutz, obviously — and Peter Facinelli, and that Jackson Rathbone person, and all those werewolves, and then all those other Italian vampires whose eyes are all red and hungry, and Bella’s dad, and, like, Third Local Yokel On The Left… it’s hard work differentiating yourself. So what’s a lad to do?

Be “that guy who was in one of the Twilight movies one time and then turned his feet into a portable zoo.” As if the shirt that looks like Mickey Mouse’s bloodstained hands making a pistol gesture weren’t enough. Good luck to you, kid. Apparently you’re also “that kid who was in that X-Men prequel,” and that’s a pretty long ladder to climb too. Hope your shoes don’t get caught in the rungs.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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