There are so many special things about this outfit: The ninja-bandanna motif around her knees, the giant V over her v.

But it’s the shirt messaging that is just truly so moving. What do we think: a silent call to Señor Lutz, as in Kellan? An ode to an S. L. Utz, of the Utz potato-chip company (given that this shirt uses a portion of its logo, in a way I’m sure the company would be DEEPLY THRILLED ABOUT)? A shout-out to Pamela Slutz, former U.S. Ambassador to Burundi? Figure-skating slang for “single lutz”? Because SURELY there is no other explanation, right SURELY that is all it could be. YES. RIGHT. Let’s go with “world’s biggest Pamela Slutz” fan and then hope she burns this later before anyone else decides it’s cute.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]