You  may be wondering why I am even bothering with this outfit.

You know — it’s just some girl in a babydoll sundress and a sweatshirt, going shopping. OR IS IT. Indeed, the only reason I used this particular picture here is that the ACTUAL outfit is Not Safe For Work and I needed to hide it behind a jump, because I care about you and I don’t want you getting fired, or worse, getting your Diet Coke privileges revoked.

Honestly, when I saw this, my first reaction was not to wonder if she bought her nails at an air-traffic control supply warehouse, nor to shout, “Hey, look, it’s famed nip-hop artist Rihanna,” nor even to scream, “OMG THAT IS A BRA WTF YIKES HOLY TRASHBOX.”

No, my first thought was just, “Uh-oh.” And a long pause.

And THEN all the rest of it.

[Photo: FameFlynet]

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