Going The Distance - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

JUSTIN: Hey there, Drew.
DREW: Justin! Hi! You’re a Mac, and I’m a P.C.!
JUSTIN: No, we’re not dating anymore, let’s not play that game. It’s not going to end with the same kind of fun.
DREW: I think when the cosmos aligns, fun changes its stripes to a leopard.
JUSTIN: … Okay. Also, can we talk? I feel like I tried to be really dapper here…
DREW: You look like you came from my Mad Men catalog, which is where dreams give birth.
JUSTIN: … uh-huh… anyway, I went the distance, is what I’m saying. But you look like a static-cling commercial who went the distance while sitting in the engine of the plane:

Going The Distance - World Film Premiere: Outside Arrivals

DREW: Really?
JUSTIN: Really. 
JUSTIN: Really.
Going The Distance - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals
JUSTIN: Wait, you’re… happy about that!
DREW: Of course I am, because this movie is about distance, and going across it, because love is the flame that the Heavens shoots on us and says, “Find your own bucket, Starfire.”
DREW: And so my hair represents a kind of passion that’s crispy like burnt toast, because at the end of the day, all that matters is whether your headstone can say, “She was a cannibal for love.”
JUSTIN: You want your tombstone to imply that you ate people?
DREW: In the sense that I’m a really good, mellow, thinking person, yes. I was love’s dinner and it was my dessert.
JUSTIN: I don’t think I understand any of these words in that order. AND I’m not sure about your makeup.
DREW: Listen, squirt, if it wasn’t for me you’d be hawking iMacs to college students with your hands in your pockets and torn sneakers. So get out of your dreams and into my car, you dig?
JUSTIN: … Wait, that actually made me kind of hot for you. Is that Mac/PC game still on the table?
DREW: It is on a placemat woven of cheese and cosmic soul fibers that–
JUSTIN: Okay, let’s do this thing before I change my mind.
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