I feel like Katy Perry might be Over It.

This doesn’t seem like our usual exuberant Katy Perry. She seems like a tired drag Katy — who, I guess, would be named Kary Perineum, or something — whose wig dried on the window ledge too long and began to melt. She also appears to be wearing a billboard for a new Saturday morning Cars knockoff about a bunch of anthropomorphic pool rafts in Palm Springs. Although come to think of it, if I were to choose anyone to sing the theme song for that show, it would be Katy.

But perhaps she’s not merely bored. Could there be another reason why she seems to be a less sparkly shadow of her usual self?

Let the bump portmanteau games begin. Brerry? No. Perand? Eek. Katsell? Eh. I guess Russell can call it My Bumpy Wump, but that feels awkward coming from the rest of us. Let’s just work on it and hope that when she’s ready — whenever that is, either now or later or on another planet — we will be too.

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