It’s not every day that a dress someone wore to the Teen Choice Awards gets donned by an adult at a Grammy party. But Chloe Grace Moretz is a pretty mature teen, and Jennifer Hudson has crazy young skin, so maybe they meet in the middle. I would also like to meet them there, but sadly, that ship has sailed straight down my forehead furrow.

On Chloe, Jessica noted that this looks like a Swatch ad come to life, and that was deeply apt. Jennifer’s spiked short cut and sassy red lip give this the right, dressier dose of maturity — it doesn’t look like she’s in a teenager’s clothes, nor did it look like the teenager had stolen hers. I think this dress, as loud and lively as it is, might be a rare breed that can adapt to the wearer and look right when it’s treated properly, and both ladies did that. So I actually think they BOTH pulled it off. If you’re going to dress like the credits of an 80s comedy, at least make sure you look like the star of the movie.

Who wins?

  • Chloe (8%, 605 Votes)
  • Jennifer (51%, 3,619 Votes)
  • Both -- it's seriously good on both of them (35%, 2,489 Votes)
  • Neither, because the dress is a big no for me. (6%, 412 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,125

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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