We already dealt with the regular-season main titles for Sunday Night Football, in which Hill looks less human than like some kind of CGI’d replica of herself. For the special Super Bowl opener yesterday, you’ll be pleased — in that wrinkly vexed way — to know RoboFaith was back in action:

Apparently, the equation is Faith Hill + slinky pants – breathable fabrics x humanoid blurs. See? I knew I’d use math someday.

Check out the weirdo tailoring on her crotch, though:

Doesn’t that look like a silver pistol jammed in her pants? It’s like they weren’t wide enough, and the designer was like, “Well, I was going to use this patch as part of a matching holster, but whatever, just slap that on the crotch and call them closed.” It’s also not the optimal place for your weirdo gun-enthusiast tailoring, unless you enjoy knowing that a nation is scrunching up its faces, staring at your nethers, trying to understand what they’re trying to say, and wondering if your birth canal is a bullet factory for werewolf slayers.