Did you ever think Tyra Banks could look stumpy? Well, prepare to have your mind blown like a tornado sucking clapboard houses out of Kansas.

Advertising Week Kickoff Celebration Hosted By Demand Media And IAB
I would share my concern with Tyra, but I’m scared she’d slap the palm of my hand with a ruler, assign me a book report on Modeling For Dummies, and the make me write “I will not question the wisdom of the Master, and also, I will smize at all times, and any number of other made-up things” a hundred times on the chalkboard. However, she does at least not look crazy. In fact, she almost looks like she’s about to assign me a book report, and I’m currently praying it’s going to be about an advance copy of her supermodel-themed fantasy Young Adult novel, because I have thoughts. OH, DO I HAVE THOUGHTS.