Let’s start with the good: Katie’s face is always pretty! And her hair looks really cute.

Variety's 2nd Annual Power Of Women Luncheon - Arrivals

And then there’s the rest of this. OY TO THE VEY. The Internet promisees me this is a Louis Vuitton frock, which is awkward, because I was about to bet at least ten bucks that it was a Holmes Yang design — constructed, judging by the hem, by one Miss Suri Cruise just before a much-needed naptime — as the fit is just atrocious. I mean, look, I’m happy Katie Holmes has something to do when she’s not making the occasional movie and/or miniseries and then giving a series of robotic-sounding interviews to a variety of sympathetic media sources, but I don’t understand why her side-project has to involve so many botched sewing jobs, nor how it’s possible that her personal disease has spread, like the Bubonic plague, to the house of Louis Vuitton. Does someone need to quarantine Katie Holmes, you guys?