I love this photo — the pictures I’ve seen from this junket make it seem like J.T. and Amanda Seyfried are sort of pointedly not bonding. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect him to go all Handsy McGerardButler on her, but there could stand to be a little Anne-and-Jake here. I mean, you’re actors. You could at least PRETEND like it’s nice to be there promoting this movie that you’re so proud of allegedly.

This stuff just makes me wonder if it’s “Oh, hell, I haven’t seen him since we hooked up that time and he never called” or “He told me we were going to go on a date and then I saw him on a bike with Jessica Biel” or “He asked me for my room key WHAT DO I DO HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND oh hell I don’t care OR DO I.” Please note, I have no idea if any of that is going on with the two of them. I’m just saying the photos are kind of stiff and I’m intrigued by the many volumes they could theoretically be speaking and I do love a good rumor. The end. I don’t know why I felt like I had to clarify that — it’s not like there’s an angry Jessica Biel fan leaving flaming bags of excrement on my doorstep (YET) — but anyway. There it is.

Let’s move onto the clothes. JT looks like he usually does. Amanda, though… I feel like sports bras are great for, you know, sports. I’ve never understood the compulsion to attach a skirt to them and call them formalwear, especially when said skirt is lumpy and bunchy has traveled here a great distance to escape a decades-old Jordache clearance rack.


However, we need to talk about how awesome her hair looks. There is a freaking Pantene commercial happening right now on her head. She even thoughtfully did The Flip:

Girlfriend might have an absurd fondness for sports bras, but she knows how to make you forget about it, that’s for sure. I’m already like, “She wore what? Tresemme? VO-5? Shampoo made from Diet Coke and puppy tears? I NEED SOME.”