First, a note: Because of Fashion Week, I got behind, so the fug-cap of the first Ringer episode I missed went up yesterday (read it! I know they’re long, but bookmark where you left off and then pick it up again! No worries!) and now THIS one is the one that aired LAST Tuesday, so we are all caught up. Until tonight, when there is ANOTHER new one that promises Truths Will Be Revealed. Although this show reveals about three truths before breakfast, so that’s not so different.

It was before watching this episode that I learned the actress who plays Juliet is Lea Thompson’s daughter. And now that I know it, I can’t believe I ever DIDN’T know it. There is so much Lorraine in her face. Granted, Juliet would’ve punched Biff in the nads herself and been done with it, but the genetic legacy is still obvious. Clothes-wise, it’s mostly more Andrea Roth and her Coat of the Cave Bear, but SMG does work in a few extra ruffles to put on the “they’re hiding a pregnancy” pile. It’s not even that she LOOKS pregnant; they just shoot her like she’s got a time bomb strapped to her abdomen.

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