Why does Aria look so horrified? Could it have something to do with the fact that her feet are wearing those giant inflatable slides on airplane safety materials? YES.

Plotwise:  The best part of the episode is that FINALLY these girls’ mothers sit down and say, “Hey, they’ve all been acting REALLY WEIRD and keep saying someone is out to get them,” and then one of them is like, “Things got weird the second Alison came into their lives,” and everyone is concerned. Thank you for noticing! The girls had recovered an old coat that Dead Alison had stashed somewhere, and they call the number on a slip of paper in the pocket (Alison was fond of leaving crinkled slips of paper in her belongings that had Critical Information on them, which is very helpful). At the end of the hour, Emily gets a call back and arranges to meet the mystery man. Spencer finds out that Alison’s brother Jason is actually HER half-brother because her father is a man-whore. Hanna traps her wicked stepsister into admitting — on camera — that she used Hanna’s phone to send the nude picture of herself to everyone. Apparently Stepsister stopped long enough to airbrush out a birthmark (that, or she put her head on another body). Nice detective work there, Hanna. Aria decides she can’t use Scraggle as her Ezra beard anymore because she thinks his big secret is that he’s hurting himself, and she doesn’t want to blah blah blah zzz. Although he ends up karate-kicking Noel Kahn (Mona’s creepy ex, Jenna’s creepy current, super dreamy other than his personality) in the knee after Noel appears to be menacing Aria over something to do with Hanna’s boyfriend Caleb who Jenna hates (I KNOW, I have no idea; they were at some anti-bullying school lock-in, too, which makes the menacing and the kicking extra appropriate). I suspect Scraggle is in some silly Fight Club or something. And finally, Emily and Mona team up to bust their suddenly mean principal on some dumb thing, so that Emily can get back on the swim team. Doesn’t he know it’s principal?