We need to discuss something: What happened to college? Chuck never went; I get that. Nate was at Columbia and then randomly took over the Spectator, having presumably barely even scraped together his high-school diploma and only demonstrably attended classes at Columbus for an hour. Serena was at Columbia and prattling on about protecting her educational future while nailing a professor, and then Juliet conspired to get her chucked out for said transgression, and… suddenly Serena was doing nothing again. But she’s Serena, so: seems about right. But Dan was at NYU, and then must have fled to be a Fancy Author; doesn’t Dan strike you as someone who would actually care about and/or feel that he needed his college degree? And Blair was at NYU and… did I imagine that she transferred to Columbia? But either way, she’s nowhere now, which is IN NO WAY BELIEVABLE, especially for a girl who spent all of high school obsessing about going to Yale. There is no chance Blair Waldorf would be a dropout, not even to work at her mother’s company. She would NEVER. I get that it’s the final season and the show just sort of wants to wrap everyone up, but it’s just more fuel for the argument that they should’ve pulled a One Tree Hill years ago and jumped over the college years, so at least the unrealistic things they’re doing now would involve 25-year olds, instead of 21- and 22-year olds. One Tree Hill TAUGHT US THINGS, people. Like don’t let stoned dogs with the munchies run amok in hospitals where hearts are getting transported in very flimsy coolers. Do not ignore its proud legacy.



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