Last season, I bid adieu to this show in the finale recap, and it came back unexpectedly. So perhaps I will say my goodbyes AGAIN here, in the hopes that me laying it to rest will lead to yet another exhumation. Ergo: FARE THE WELL, Agent Carter, you deliciously satisfying morsel. Even when an episode would lose itself in comic book gymnastics, there was so much charm and talent and good spirit — not to mention kick-ass women — in each hour that it was worth whatever leaps over plot holes we had to take. And if this show’s legacy is that you can have women drive the story — capable, smart, strong women who can be both good and evil, plotty and genuine — then it’s certainly a worthy and wonderful one. The comic book shows that are darker and twister are getting all the plaudits for being so revolutionary, but this proves that while booze-soaked angry dramas can be compelling viewing indeed, they are not the be-all, end-all. You don’t have to be gritty and grim to be worthwhile and progressive. Thanks, Peggy Carter, for being a role model for the ages, not just within your own.