Let’s just quickly remember what Jenna Dewan looked like the last time I saw her anywhere:

Very pretty, very recognizably the star of such luminous hilarity as Step Up (seriously, I think someone told Rachel Griffiths it was a comedy; there is no other explanation for why she decreases the volume DURING each of her lines so that they all end in a whisper), very nice skin, generally very naturally attractive.

And here’s how she looked this weekend:

That hair is NOT OKAY on her. I hope it’s a wig. Because I understand the temptation to shake things up, especially after a breakup — in this case the cancellation of The Playboy Club — but it’s never good to do something you can’t take back. And she NEEDS to take that back. I’m going to get an unjust reputation as an anti-bang-ite, which I will counter by reminding everyone how much I freaking loved Katie Holmes’s hair when she cut the banged bob, or Julia Stiles’ brief fling with fringe. But some faces look great with them and some just get dominated by them, and this to me is the latter. The makeup doesn’t help, though — the entire effect, from bangs to lips to husband in a fedora, is less like a hot commodity than a washed-up star of soft-core Skinemax that you stumbled on one night by accident when you sat on your remote, and suddenly “Magic Bullet” took on a whole new meaning.

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