I don’t know why it happens that stars who get awards recognition for good performances so often follow them with crazy ones. Like when Queen Latifah was in Chicago and then was “Academy Award Nominee Queen Latifah in… Taxi.” Or, Reese Witherspoon, who was truly great in Wild, chasing it with Hot Pursuit. Which I am totally judging based on the previews to be an utterly agonizing caper. Maybe it’s just that they need the tonal one-eighty; I don’t know.

But, full marks to her and Sofia Vergara for selling the heck out of it all over the country. You can’t argue they didn’t work it. And now, finally, the LA premiere is here — presumably the light at the end of the tunnel, unless they’re flogging it overseas also — and we get this letdown:

Her chest looks like the graveyard of a pillow fight.

And if you’re wondering about Sofia Vergara:

Pretty dress, clunky chunky platforms, but a top-notch Photobomb.

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