Fresh off one Self-Portrait dress that was a success, Naomie Harris immediately picked another one that’s in a very similar vein.

The good news is, this angle is totally misleading. I thought the top had just the one crooked strap and a weird fold, but once you see it from the front, you realize her hair is obscuring part of the action:

I’m not sure, though, that I like it any better. The white one is successful for me because it takes a borderline twee fabric and keeps the cut very simple. This one is… well, if not engaging in frippery, then certainly poking at it relentlessly with a twig it found in the driveway. I am CERTAINLY not immune to owning and wearing two similar things, but here, I’d have worn the former and then left well enough alone.

P.S. I know she’s taken — well, per Wikipedia — but I just now decided I want Pacey to woo her. THINK OF THE PHOTOS.

[Photos: Getty]