I had TOTALLY forgotten about Katherine Heigl being pregnant until I saw this photo. That’s very exciting for her; I’m sure it’s frustrating to have that happen right when you’re also trying to get a new show off the ground, but I’m sure she’d also be the first to agree that those are some fairly Champagne problems.

But I still can’t figure out how she went from spunky Izzie Stevens to always looking like she’s the old-fashioned First Lady of a Southern state. Or an elderly patron of the arts who’s hoping to have a glass of Champagne with the ballet company’s hot new soloist. I don’t mean that she looks old facially or anything like that; I am talking about her aura. The haircut, the styling, the lazy shoes, and the effect all those things have on the perceived freshness of her fashion choices… she leapt from 32 to 52 one day and never found her way back. Which likely means that when she IS 52, she will look 52 until she is 92. (Also, her face is giving me major Sela Ward vibes in this photo, which is extremely good news for her 52-year old destiny because Sela Ward is still flawless.) But in the meantime it’s like Katherine is twiddling her thumbs waiting to ripen to the age her spirit has always wanted to be. It’s fascinating, albeit also confusing. Most of us cling to our youth like grim death — I mean, Gwen Stefani still dresses like she’s 23. In truth, if I had to pick, I think I’d go with the Heigl approach. At least she’s headed in the direction that Mother Time is naturally moving her.

This was a weird post. I blame Delta. I was supposed to fly home with the boys on Monday, but several cancellations and one refusal to seat us together later, we are finally back; at the time that I wrote this, though, that issue was still in doubt. So if I seem overly intolerant of Katherine Heigl looking less like the vibrant actress she is and more like a society dame who was once hired to teach Jessica Simpson posture and elocution, well, that’s why.

[Photo: Getty]