So, this Secret In Their Eyes movie is out, starring Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. I gather it’s a remake of an excellent Argentinian movie that won the Best Foreign Film Oscar a few years ago, and I saw a couple previews here and there, but nothing that would indicate the presence of both Julia and Nicole — a fairly big power couple, even if Nicole’s part isn’t that big. Kidman also skipped the premiere, leaving Julia to represent both of them, which she did in a tablecloth and an oversize blazer:

So basically, more of the same for Julia. She’s doing the minimum she can get away with, and honestly, I veer sharply between being BORED by that and being inspired by it. Because in a Kardashian kountry, it’s frankly refreshing to see someone content to show up looking just kinda okay, as if ultimately none of this makes her world turn. You could argue that’s borne of some J.Ro arrogance — “I don’t need to care, because I’m already Julia Effing Roberts” — or that it’s refreshing and very “Stars: They’re Just Like Us: Sometimes They Just Put Up Their Hair And Wear A Big Jacket And Call It A Night.” Or maybe it’s somewhere in between: a meticulously crafted image strategy to make it LOOK like she is above the fray and a totally regular lady who’s not caught up in appearances, while still quietly fussing to ensure her head looks great and that nothing is so egregiously wrong that she’d be on a worst-dressed list.

I don’t know. I find Julia fascinating. She’s VERY polarizing. And yet she’s not, really: Most people either state their dislike openly, or express their fondness by disclaiming it first: “I know she seems totally smug and irritating sometimes, but…” Personally, I like that she chills out on her ranch in New Mexico 95 percent of the year, and seems disinterested in the rat race. But, and there always is one, every time she walks onstage at an awards show she finds a way to make it All About Her in a way that makes my television EXTRA in danger of being walloped with a hurled shoe. And the other day I had occasion to remember that “A Low Vera” t-shirt, which was… real bad form, y’all. And then I think, “Well, Cate Blanchett comes off like she’s Above The Nonsense, too, but she still gives the red carpet a yeoman’s effort and makes it a fun sight to see.” Maybe she and Julia should go bowling.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]