Strangely, she almost looks more like Renee Zellweger than Renee Zellweger does anymore.

I almost think that hair alone, for not being all Snap Crackle Pop, could have pushed her into Emmys Best Dressed territory (which, by the way, we TOTALLY forgot to resolve; we will post the winners this week, we promise!). It’s not a super noteworthy coif, but it’s gentle enough not to have been distracting. Ah, what could have been. ANYWAY: The gown here is fine, very gently styled, with a nifty shimmer to it – but also, it’s kind of a visual shrug, no? The sartorial equivalent of throwing up your hands and saying, “Eh, I’m tired, let’s just do this for now and next time we’ll REALLY try to find something.”

How does this grab you?

  • Firmly. With PASSION. (14%, 444 Votes)
  • Moderately. We're going to talk, and hear each other out. (44%, 1,419 Votes)
  • Weakly. With ennui. (36%, 1,136 Votes)
  • It didn't, because I dodged its grasp. (6%, 190 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,189

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