Do not get me started on the absolute non-necessity of the Rosemary’s Baby remake. But always get me started on Zoe Saldana, because there’s never an end to the Center Stage jokes I can make. Are we at a point where making a Center Stage joke about Zoe Saldana is like making an As The World Turns joke about Julianne Moore? Because I might start making those, too. She played identical half-sister/cousins!

This is, if not great, at least dramatic:

And the shoes are filling me with joy.

Let’s look at the front before we deliver our verdicts:

I kinda like it? She looks like she’s a piece of fine china come to life — like Mrs Potts, but way chicer — and she’s clearly got part of the tablecloth tucked into her waistband, but it’s unusual and ladylike and interesting. I will allow it.

But will you?

  • I DO NOT allow this. GET OUT OF MY FACE WITH THIS. (16%, 562 Votes)
  • I guess I will allow it. But I'm not that thrilled about it. (51%, 1,835 Votes)
  • I'll allow it. I'll allow it so hard. (34%, 1,215 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,612

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