Okay, y’all, let’s discuss Matthew Crawley.

Here he is as we all remember him: blonde hair, baby blues, slight smirk, Man Most Likely To Start Talking About Boring Modernization of Estate Management, Man Whose Career Decisions Doused The Burning Loins Of An Easily Embittered World.

And here he is now, thanks to another career decision to play a heroin dealer:

So yeah, the dye job and the facial hair and whatnot are character tools, but the shock value is still the same. He has the eyes, still, but a more devilish gleam. Lady Mary Crawley would take one look at him and ask who he tied to the train tracks last night. And then perhaps proffer Edith if he’d yet to pick someone.

Which do you like better?

  • Matthew Crawley (46%, 2,725 Votes)
  • Evil Heroin-Dealing Matthew Crawley (54%, 3,221 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,946

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[Photos: WENN]