This dress looks like someone wrapped her in fuchsia snakeskin bandages.

And yet somehow, being in the clutches of twelve Velcro fingers works for her. Yeah, it’s pressing on her chest a little, but only a little, and her skin is freaking luminous. For those of you worried about Hollywood’s dwindling bracelet game, my view is that her entire body looks like a rack of them from an accessories store, so maybe one on her wrist would be a hat on a hat (to mix accessory references)(also, I would accept a hat on a hat, by the way, if it were a Pharrell hat on a Pharrell hat. I’m a little sick of that hat right now, but if a person stacked them, then maybe I’d be back in because that’d be some surrealist Mountie non-realness right there).

In sum: This sucker is weird and looks like she’s being mauled by a cartoon sea creature, but she is making that look gorgeous and so I think I might be in on this. I DID love Finding Nemo, after all.


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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]