This dress is very pretty. I almost wish Hailee Steinfeld had worn it.

And I do think Marion is carrying off the white with more authority than Anne Hathaway is — or at least more of an eye-twinkle. But something about the whole effect of skirt plus shoes feels very balletic, and not in the kind of devilish way that makes me want to sit down and watch Center Stage and revel in all the impossible costume changes and leg lifts and awkward cookie deliveries; more like, “Ugh, Black Swan was two years ago and I’m STILL not ready for more ballet jokes.” This is not Marion’s fault, but if the best I can muster — and, admittedly, I am writing this on a plane and there is nothing on but American Ninja Warrior, which is so very inferior to its Japanese counterpart on G4, so I am not in the most creative headspace — is, “Oh, huh, I hope other people came to this premiere so that I can write about something more fun,” then maybe that is a sign she should’ve checked out of the Motel Twee two nights ago.

Is this recirculated canned air making me into a crazy person?

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  • No, you're right, it's a little precious (55%, 4,446 Votes)

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