From what I understand, Lizzy Caplan — who was supposed to be on Letterman on Tuesday night to plug Masters of Sex, which I hear is fabulous — got bumped for Cher, who arrived ON A SWING.

And I feel like….who can even get angry about that? I feel like someone says, “Cher is here, and she won’t stop talking about gypsies/tramps/thieves,” and you just shrug and say, “I would bump me for Cher, too.” It’s Cher: She can turn back time. So Lizzy was on last night, instead. And you know what’s awesome? She totally wore this dress again. Which…obviously, that’s the question, right? The Letterman Dumpster (RIP) has seen you in this dress already, the day before, but it’s also the dress you decided to wear on Letterman after, presumably, mucho convo with your stylist. Are you just supposed to dump it IN the dumpster because the paparazzi have already shot you in it, or do you shrug, go home, take it off, hang it up real nice, and then put it on again the next day? Damn straight you do. A STYLIST’S PLAN WAITS FOR NO CHER.

The other question is: given a do-over, do you think she should have taken the opportunity to re-think this? (Personally, I kinda love it. It’s so autumnal and…well, I’m just really into sleeves now.)