We recently saw this dress’s sibling on Rachel Weisz, and Fug Nation liked it better than I did. Hence the vote here:

I do appreciate Wiig going all-out for a pattern, as opposed to one of her fail-safe neutrals. But for my money this is too juvenile on her, and I simply cannot escape the notion that she’s waiting for Sebastian the Crab to swing by and perform “Under the Sea” while Nemo and his dad dance a jig.

Sing it:

  • She is one hot crustacean band. (29%, 1,082 Votes)
  • You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake. (Translation: boo) (17%, 630 Votes)
  • Eh. I GET it -- I mean, even the sturgeon and the ray, they get the urge and start to play -- but I wish she'd picked better. (43%, 1,631 Votes)
  • And oh that blowfish BLOOOOOW (this is another "hate it" option but I just am trying real hard to give you a stubborn earworm) (11%, 422 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,765

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]