First of all, I am DELIGHTED that Kirsten Dunst is back. (She’s in the new season of Fargo, for one thing.) Super delighted. Beyond delighted. I actually clapped with glee at the thought of her return. And then, looking at this photo, I had a idea:

She looks –I think — totally cute in this . Do I wonder how she hasn’t melted into the floor in a leather skirt? Yes. This outfit feels VERY Fall/Winter, while we are still stuck at the height of Summer/Hellfire. But (to my mind; feel free to disagree as always) I think it’s at least an appealing Fall/Winter, and for all we know, she’s in the middle of some magical spell involving dressing for the weather you wish you had, which shall bring forth cooler temperatures, in which case CARRY ON.

But second — and more importantly — I just decided that she and Amy Poehler could AND SHOULD play sisters in something. Immediately.

[Photo: Getty]