I thought about this, and I think I like it:

It might be a little droopy? But it feels like it’s nicely in keeping with the fact that she’s there to promote Anna Karenina, and nothing says Tolstoy like a beautiful lace-clad woman who gets a little droopy. And then…well, no spoilers. But she’s not going to pop up on Comedy Central.

Here's hoping Keira herself is only temporarily in character.

  • Actually, I love this! (60%, 5,019 Votes)
  • This is okay. I wish the color were zippier? (10%, 850 Votes)
  • I like this, but it's got too much lace. Maybe? Something's not quite right. (21%, 1,746 Votes)
  • No, none of this is good. (3%, 273 Votes)
  • Maybe this would work if she were A HUNDRED YEARS OLD. (6%, 525 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,414

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