All my magazines are intent on reporting this Katie Holmes/Jamie Foxx hookup, which dances around the idea that they’re having sex but don’t care if it goes anywhere. I really wish Katie and Jamie would go ahead and release a joint statement that says, “Yes, we are just nailing. We’re cool with it. We are two consenting adults who have fulfilling lives and are completely content to bang casually when the mood and geography work in our favor.”  Then again, maybe that’s what this face says:

The lips say, “I had lipstick on AT ONE POINT but it DISAPPEARED. Perhaps onto SOMEONE ELSE’S FACE.” The dress says that even killer fabrics can be ruined when something is at least a size too small, and cut like a very strange geometry experiment. And the shoes say, “Who CARES? We want to eavesdrop from the bedroom floor while she tells Jamie Foxx all about Scientology.”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]