This is the week where I blame my indecisiveness on traveling, to the point where it becomes really tiresome of me.  But I’ve been staring at this, blinking vacantly, for ten minutes right now, and I’d MUCH rather be watching late-night reruns of Bullseye from the 1980s. Some guy in a white suit with roses embroidered on the shoulders needs to throw great darts in order to win a Hi-Fi and a sewing machine and MAYBE JUST MAYBE a Renault hatchback. I NEED TO KNOW HOW THIS ENDED FOR HIM 30 YEARS AGO.

So let’s get on with this, J.Morr:

This is a bit like those Magic Eye posters. Sometimes I look at it and don’t mind it, and think the bodice works surprisingly well considering it’s a pinafore and a tube top crossed together. And then other times, my eyes refocus and all I see are the overalls-style black straps attached to the skirt, and then my body becomes afraid and I get the shivers.

There is also a slit:

If that helps. Or, maybe it hurts. I think for me, the blue detailing on the top could have been very pretty and deserves a dress that doesn’t remind me of suspenders. But what say you?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]