For your information, she ALSO tripped in THIS, although not terribly (it looks more like an ankle gives out in that video on the — fair warning! — Daily Mail (I Know)). I don’t understand why J Law so often nearly face-plants in Dior.  Is it a subconscious desire to distract from the dress? Jennifer, this one isn’t NEARLY that bad! (In all honesty, I think it’s more than she’s often hurrying in heels and catches herself on the carpet, which seems like something that should happen to celebrities more often than it actually does.)

This is actually kind of appealingly va-va-voom and more or less stripped of Dior’s often-tiresome fripperies. The back view, in fact, is quite glam:

I will take this over Bedazzled Neck BracesPretty Woman referee outfits, or formal screendoors ANY DAY.

[Photos: Getty]