This appears to be a silky blouse over matching pants, and if I were to attempt this, I think I would look like it was A Chico’s Kind of Day out on my lanai. What I can’t decide is whether she looks like that, too, or if she’s sticking the landing somewhere between “breezy lanai cheesecake” and “stylish casualwear.” Maybe if she’d tucked in the shirt, this would be easier? Or, could someone hand her a piece of said cheesecake and see if it looks right?


Thank you, Blanche.

Issa Rae arriving at 'The View', New York, USA - 19 Jul 2022

Hmm. I’m not sure this settled anything. I might have to land on, “I like the idea of this more than the execution but a shirt-tuck and possibly a belt might change my answer.” You?


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