This was at the TopShop show in London, and objectively I like this dress, and she’s very pretty:

(That’s a leather jacket in her hand, by the way, not weird sleeved clutch, as I originally thought.) I am — I swear — actually not the sort of person who gets too worked up about what a seventeen year old girl wears when the math equation of tacky + adult is low on the tacky side; this is adult, but it’s tasteful, and so it doesn’t really bug me that it’s rather too old for her, which it is. But my God, it’s daytime and you’re going to a TopShop show! At best you’re overdressed!

What do you think?

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  • I have notes, but I'm not, like, ENRAGED. (52%, 2,042 Votes)
  • I. AM. ENRAGED. (4%, 161 Votes)

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