First and foremost: I think she is so stunning, and I need to know more about her lipstick:

That photo is also helpful vis a vis the question of the fabric of this ensemble, which basically reminds me of a handbag I once owned. I ask you: do we want to be walked around wearing our handbags as dresses? Isaac Mizrahi once sent models down the runway with handbags on their heads for hats; this may be the logical next step. (That fashion show, by the way, still stands as one of the most ridiculous events of my life, because NO ONE in the venue even smiled or smirked when the models walked out WITH PURSES BALANCED ON THEIR HEADS, other than me and Heather. People may have been INTERNALLY smiling, but everyone kept on their Serious Fashion Faces. Come on, you guys. Isaac was being cheeky. We’re allowed to respond!)

Here is the entire look:

Eh. Am I wrong to be left cold by this? Am I crazy if I think it might make for a better mini than a full–length dress? DISCUSS!

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]