So many thoughts:

a) My suspicion that she was quite knocked up at the Oscars appears to be wrong. I fear I have lost my Celebrity Bump Whispering Skillz, which clearly is a loss of gigantic proportions. I need to hang on to all my obscure and slightly creepy skills so as to most smoothly transition into being a Deeply Eccentric Old Woman

b) I had no idea Diane Kruger was in The Host, and AS I WAS TYPING THIS SENTENCE an ad featuring her in it popped up on my television. Maybe I can no longer foretell the contents of the internal organs of strangers, but I can use The Secret to play ads on my DVR. STILL ECCENTRIC!

c) Let’s get real. This shirt is ABSURD. It looks like an accident. It is WRONG.

d) And yet, it’s possible she is working this because she has that magical Diane Kruger thing where she’s all, “yeah, I’m wearing a child’s uniform shirt IS IT NOT CHIC?” that 87% of the rest of humanity can’t manage to rustle up when faced with a boxy cropped white oxford.

Give it to me straight. IS she working it?

  • NO. ARE YOU KIDDING. THIS IS ABSURD. (30%, 2,208 Votes)
  • Maybe. I have so many questions. (28%, 2,109 Votes)
  • Yes! (42%, 3,123 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,440

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