As usual, I’m torn.

On the one hand, it’s the world’s cutest, most glam tennis dress. On the other, she’s not currently playing tennis.

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And then, from the video game awards, we have this:

I like the concept of yellow shoes with a black dress (and hey, not for nothing, she’s at an event sponsored by Kraft Mac & Cheese, and although this post is decidedly NOT, those shoes fully make me want some), but man, for me the nude tutu totally kills that mojo (and thus I am not going to get any mac and cheese, which is such a sad ending to this story). I wish this were a regular hem, and then either a straight mini or a cocktail-length pencil-cut. I totally get why you’d go flirty at this event; I’m just not sure this dress does what she wants it to do. Kind of like mac and cheese, when I make it in the microwave and such a delicious idea goes wonky when the cheese sauce comes out clumpy in places and runny in others and doesn’t quite cover all the noodles, and boy, this post turned into a social tragedy on an epic scale.

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