ANGELINA: Bradley.



BRAD: I’m not Bradley.

ANGELINA: Brad, then.

BRAD: I’m not Brad, either.

ANGELINA: Fine. Joe Isuzu, or whatever that whole thing was.

BRAD: No, Angelina. I’m none of those people tonight.

ANGELINA: Then pray tell, who are you?

BRAD: I am NED PANTYWAIST, mild-mannered paperie owner by day, even MILDER-mannered arm candy by night. You want an opinion? I have none! You want to go over there? Whatever! Just pull! You want to slap me in the face with an inflatable canary? Well, I probably have feelings about that, but I will suppress them!

ANGELINA: I’m sorry, did you just SHOVE ME in front of you?

BRAD: Would Ned Pantywaist really shove anyone? No. He would NUDGE. And cower. Do you need any personalized letterhead? How about calling cards?

ANGELINA: This role-playing thing was way more fun when we were doing cop/thief, or wild boar/dog with rabies, or even Ross and Rachel. Do I at least look fabulous?

BRAD: Sure, doll. Ned Pantywaist will say whatever you want.

ANGELINA: Ned Pantywaist will be screaming for mercy when I get through with him tonight.

What of the outfit?

  • Kind of awesome, actually, even if it is all black again. (54%, 5,062 Votes)
  • Zzzzz. (37%, 3,473 Votes)
  • Kung-Fu Panda? More like DUNG-Fu Panda! HAHAHAHAHA. (9%, 876 Votes)

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