This movie feels like it’s going out of its way to be aggressively Deep and Dark and Not At All Silly Or Anything because of how badly the last reboot of the franchise went (although, in my opinion nobody chalked enough of that up to miscasting Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane)(which reminds me of one of my favorite Hollywood stories: I saw Superman Returns opening night at the Chinese, and the director Bryan Singer was there, standing along the back wall with a bunch of executive types. Right after the first major action sequence ended, one of the suits shouted, “YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN, BRYAN SINGER,” and clapped wildly, and then about ten minutes later the movie had clearly started losing the audience and so they slowly slunk out. It was amazing).

Anyway: It’s almost as if they are so allergic to lightness of spirit (you don’t hire Christopher Nolan to produce if if you don’t want it to be tonally kin to his Batman flicks, which means a dramatic logo and of course a black carpet instead of red) that they want to get away from the whole Superman aspect of Superman. The only clip I’ve seen is the one of Amy Adams’ Lois questioning Henry Cavill, and the way she randomly suggests that the S on his chest could stand for Superman DOES play as silly because it’s like they’re trying to shoehorn that concept in, and every synopsis or interview I’ve read feels like, “Let’s not even get that attached to him being called Superman, okay, because HE doesn’t call himself that or anything and it’s not what the S stands for on his suit, so let’s just focus on the ‘man’ part of things, okay? Cool. Also, no Kryptonite, sorry.” So. WE SHALL SEE.

Wait, is this supposed to be about Amy Adams? Shoot. Okay, let’s do that.

What is this to you?

  • It's my Kryptonite, in the sense that it's slowly destroying me (7%, 140 Votes)
  • It's my Bizarro Kryptonite, in the sense that it's making me really happy and also not slowly destroying me (23%, 493 Votes)
  • I don't have strong enough feelings about it either way for it to qualify as Kryptonite. It's Kryptonite-Lite. (70%, 1,501 Votes)

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