This is a reader request and I’m happy to fulfill it! In These Times, I think we’re all looking at things with fresh eyes and thinking, “wow, that’s covered in germs.” Although I hasten to point out that scientists are not as worried about your getting Covid from touching things as they were in the beginning, I also think that being able to toss an item into the washing machine still feels like a real plus. (Have you ever looked at the totes you use for groceries and just realized they are FILTHY? I have!!)

Now, as a caveat, a few of these are hand-wash, and LL Bean claims that you should only spot-clean the Boat and Tote (I OF COURSE am including the Boat and Tote here, as I personally believe it to be the greatest canvas tote in the world) or else it will do something to its coating or something. I myself throw my BnTs in the wash and nothing awful has happened to them but please don’t sue me if you do this and it doesn’t work out! (I like to live on the edge with this stuff. I also put my Longchamp Le Pilage in the washer [on delicate, cold water, and air dry it], which is only vaguely allowed.)

Here are some good options for hauling all your stuff around:

(Those cute ones with the leather handles? The leather is removable so you can wash them.)

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