The CDC  is now suggesting that everyone wear a face mask over their mouth and nose when they are in public. Many places, including Los Angeles County, are requiring everyone to do so, unless they are sincerely unable to for legitimate health reasons. And it does work to help slow the spread of disease: Your mask protects other people from you (you could be infected and not have any symptoms), while other people’s masks protect you from them. Wearing a mask is a simple way to model good public health, and show consideration for your community, and for other people! And because masks will probably be here for a while, why not buy some that will make you smile?

I just bought this abjectly ridiculous but also whimsical and great mask with lips on it from Cece Dupraz (she has ones with mustaches, too). As a note, I actually find that one the easiest to breathe in, because it’s super structured and it therefore isn’t right up next to my lips.

On a more low-key tip, I also find this one from Alabama Chanin very VERY comfortable and easy.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t considering one of these sequined ones. And I am coveting one of these in the famous Scalamandré Zebras print, once they’re back in stock. Why not decorate your face like a Wes Anderson movie?

I also, let’s get real, will probably buy a breton-striped one. But the world has lots of options. Our friend and web developer Tiffany — who also suggested this post! — made us aware of the fact that you can get sports-themed ones. Do I need a Dodgers face mask? (I feel like sports-branded masks might be the only way to get Bros Who Think Masks Are For Wimps to obey public health guidelines, also. The L.A. Kings have special ones benefitting Children’s Hospital L.A., and one is of the tooth-missing lower half of Drew Doughty’s face.) Tiffany also tipped us off to these, by Ngozika Okeke here in LA, and they are gorgeous. And these Tanya Taylor ones are so pretty and cheerful.

There are also REALLY cute ones at Old Navy; if you want to match your jeans, these denim ones from rag & bone are really low key and cool, and Citizens of Humanity has some that use cloth ties, if you’re finding that you have trouble keeping elastic masks in place.

Back in March, Heather bought the five-pack from Sanctuary Clothing (later seen on Ben and Ana) which has a bit of wire at the nose that you can pinch as-needed to help it stay put, and says they’re very easy for running — lightweight, they stay put, etc. They also have an organic cotton one, and kids sizes, and for every purchase, masks are sent to organizations in need.

You also might need Disney-themed ones! (And although those are for adults, The Strategist rounded up a bunch of good ones for kids, if you need some.) And our friend Lauren bought these Johnny Was ones, and reports that they’re gorgeous.

This isn’t even getting into Etsy, which has MANY A MASK. And GIR sells reusable silicone ones along with a five-pack of filters, though you can use your own. Please, feel free to share your favorites, and any tips or tricks you have, in the comments! Heather repurposes the boob pads in her sports bras to add structure to DIY masks and any of the others that need it; that can be especially useful while exercising. Also: If you want to make your own mask, here are good DIY instructions.

A note: Please do not argue in the comments about whether or not you really need to wear a mask. Thank you!

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