Listen, I tried to include as many¬†technically soft pants in here as possible because I know many folks have been living that WFH life for two years and your (my) mid-section is now ill-accustomed to CONSTRAINT. But there are a LOT of cute trousers out there now with actual zippers that may lure you back in. Personally, I like a sassy-patterned or brightly colored pant because it feels unexpected, but you can still wear a neutral next to your face and it makes the pattern/color feel less intense than, say, a whole dress might? (I do need to note, also, that I’ve discovered that if you are in the market for trousers that make you feel sort of…Ralph Lauren Does Out of Africa-y, the ones at Banana Republic right now are all in. Less “snazzy trousers” here and more “subtle rich lady pants,” but we…can contain multitudes.)

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