This is a READER REQUEST and one I am more than happy to try to fulfill! Nothing is better than lazing around in your robe — especially as we head into cooler weather. (Although I love a robe so much that I have one in summer weight, one in winter weight, and then one in mid-weight. Like the Three Bears, but with robes. I recommend this if you have hook space to store them all, which — I must confess — I technically do not.) You might need a new robe! You might want to gift someone a robe! You might just want to sit at your computer a moment in your current robe and appreciate it. You do you.

I have so many robes for you to admire, but I will note that Fug Nationals have OFTEN recommended LL Bean’s sherpa-lined flannel robe and although I haven’t tried it myself, I am EVANGELICAL about the Bean’s flannel granny nightgowns so I trust that their robes are also steller. (The nightgowns have pockets!!!!) Lands End ALSO has a wealth of cozy robes, including a classic terry cloth spa robe, a full-on quilted robe, AND a weighted (!!!) robe, for those of us who wish we could wear our weighted blankets. It’s probably also pertinent to note that Macy’s — as of my typing this — also appears to be having a giganto robe sale. Also, we’ve got all these:

I truly want SOMEONE to buy this one with the tigers on it. I also won’t be mad if one of you really GOES FOR IT and buys this intensely Versace-y Versace one. Finally, I need to share that I have found my dream robe and it is…$2600?!?!?!!!

PS: I’m always happy to entertain your reader requests for these things! Bring it on!

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