I want a one-act play about how Nordstrom decided to name their famous Half-Yearly Sale, which I personally know as the Not The Anniversary Sale Sale: “Do we need some kind of flashy name, Bob?” “Meh, who cares? When do we do this thing, anyway?” “Like right in the middle of the year.” “There you go. The middle of the year sale.” “That seems like too many words.” “Well, figure it out, Jeff!! I’ve got other stuff to do!” And voila!

REGARDLESS! Nordstrom sales are always primo for picking up stuff you know you’ll need/want/wish you’d bought when it was cheaper and this one is no different. Like, maybe you need a real cute whisk! Maybe you need some new luggage (this is actually a great time to stock up on luggage; never buy luggage full price if you can help it). Maybe you want an almost half-off Le Creuset grill pan! Maybe you need some new All-Clad frying pans! If you like Clare V., a lot of her stuff is marked down, including this cross-body that I want.

Or one of these:

Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we earn a little money if you click through and buy something. This post was NOT sponsored by Nordstrom — I wish!!! Anyway,  we can assure you that all items were personally chosen while we sat around drinking wine and watching Below Deck.