I don’t really think this is fugly. I actually think it’s really sort of charming. I just couldn’t resist sharing:

There’s a reason she was a model. I feel like this could be the cover of a charming and quirky chick lit book about a relatable Manic Pixie Dream Girl who has one crazy summer in the Hamptons that ends with her running away to London with a boy she thinks is a penniless guitar player but who actually turns out to be the Duke of Flargingwad.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about OUTFITS:

Is this technically Dress Over Pants? It’s CERTAINLY technically a scrolldown fug, and DEFINITELY looks like she lost a bet. Without the pants, this would be adorable. WITH pants, she looks like it’s laundry day in the arctic.

I made the executive decision for this particular match-up to only use the clothes Nicki wore for events, rather than including some of her performance outfits, although they are delicious, (and possibly sacrilegious) and they should definitely not be ignored. Just in the interest of mixing it up. It’s not like her red carpet ensembles are boring, after all. This is BRIGHT:

(I do covet the shoes.)

Jaime wore this to a CW party — as you can tell by the themed throw pillow — and, yes, her cardigan/cape (capigan?) is this artfully askew in every single one of the pictures:

In comparison to, say, that time Nicki was possessed by the devil, this — which was at the Grammy nominee event — seems demure and relaxed. Low key. Extremely pastel:

But never fear. Nicki can still bust out the crazy even when she’s not performing. This is spectacular:

I love that the color of her wig blends into the backdrop so well that it ALMOST appears that she has a palm tree growing out of her head. I also love that the idea of her going out with a palm tree on her head doesn’t seem that weird.

Speaking of weird:

Will the Sheer Skirt Shower Curtain Trend never die? Also embraced by Jaime King were such painful trends as The Half-Back Dust Ruffle, the Consumptive Face/Heidi braid, the Lace Nightgown, and, most frightening of all, The 90s.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Nicki Minaj (77%, 7,489 Votes)
  • Jaime King (23%, 2,283 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,754

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I sincerely love this picture:

Her expression is like, “wow, I suddenly am seriously regretting these shorts.” If only she’d regretted THESE shorts. Or THESE shorts. Or this top (although that picture is hilarious). Or these jeans that are about to disintegrate into shorts.

Also regrettable is this vest:

It’s Full-Zbornak, and not in the good I’m Going To Give You a Piece of My Mind way. Although I guess I just gave her a piece of my mind. We’re all Zbornaks here. And while I’m Zbornaking you, SJP: this looks moldy; this is giving me a seizure; this is a straight-up doily; this is a nightgown, THIS IS A CAPE, and this is easily the funniest hair we’ve featured on here in many a moon.

SJP seems to be giving Elizabeth Hurley some of her own mind here, at least:

I like to imagine that she’s saying, “Your headgear upstages me again, Hurley, and it’s curtains for you. CURTAINS.”

But who could upstage this?

I like to think she’s telling everyone to raise the roof for that intense and insane hat.

I would like to take these pants from Shenae and throw them OFF a roof, hopefully into a raging bonfire:

I would also speak ill of her mini-caftan, but I feel uncomfortable doing so now that I’ve Mentioned the Zbornak. So I will present this to you without comment:


Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Shenae Grimes (48%, 4,570 Votes)
  • SJP (52%, 5,002 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,567

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