All righty, here is your The Story So Far bracket, in both JPEG…

… and PDF form: Fug-Madness-2015-Elite-Eight-bracket2.

This round, I call The Duets, because every pairing in here should totally record a song together. For better or worse.


This might be my happy place. It would also be “for worse” in the Performing Together stakes, but CAN YOU IMAGINE.


No. 1 LADY GAGA vs. No. 2 MILEY CYRUS (Tuesday)

Lady Gaga would look down on this with derision, whereas Miley would be like, “Rad, dude, let’s get it on with with our pasties on.”

No. 1 RITA ORA vs. No. 3 LINDSAY LOHAN (Monday)

Somewhere Lindsay is like, “What’s a Rita Ora?” And Rita Ora is probably like, “What’s a Lindsay Lohan?” So it’s even.

No. 1 RIHANNA vs. No. 3 JESSIE J (Tuesday)

These two are classics for a reason. And of all these pairings, this is the duet I actually WANT. If Jessie J can make me willing to listen to anything involving Ariana Grande (“Bang Bang” is hella catchy), then imagine what could happen with an artist I basically like.