Because of dumb technical issues yesterday (which are now FIXED), we’re letting the matchups run for a couple extra hours today, just in case you didn’t get a chance to vote. So consider this less of a results post, and more of a LIKELIHOOD of which people will end up in Thursday’s and Friday’s Sweet Sixteen matchups. A new printable, filled-out bracket will be available Thursday morning before the matchups start again.

And now:



(1) RITA ORA vs. (4) JESSIE J – Thursday

The Queen is dead: Outgoing champ Vanessa Hudgens fell hugely to Rita Ora, who got 72 percent of the vote. And J.Lo said ADIOS LOVERS because she only managed 32 percent of the vote against Jessie J. Write it in ink, folks.

(6) CHLOE SEVIGNY vs. (10) ZOSIA MAMET – Friday

It is actively uncool how excited I am by the prospect of this fight. Cheerful Kat Graham’s fug couldn’t withstand the Zosia onslaught, and she won by 20 percent — the same margin by which Sevigny dispensed with another hot favorite of our hot messes: Anne Hathaway. Now maybe we can finally get the break from her that I think we all, Anne included, REALLY need. The results are unlikely to change, but vote if you need.


(6) LINDSAY LOHAN vs. (2) KATY PERRY or (10) LENA DUNHAM – Thursday

Lena is beating Katy Perry, but only with 53 percent of the vote, so one never knows. LiLo, though, chewed up Nicki Minaj and spit her out like she was a lowly sixteen-seed and not a No. 3. Lohan got votes from 67 percent of and will move comfortably into Thursday’s matchup.

(1) JUSTIN BIEBER vs. (4) LADY GAGA – Friday

This feels magical, doesn’t it? And it’s all but a done deal — Bieber wiped the floor with Julianne Moore (only 4 or 5 percent of you thought she deserved votes), and Lady Gaga is two-thirds up on Miley Cyrus. So this is happening, Fug Nation. THIS IS REAL. Bieber is a hot favorite to win, but he has a tough road — assuming he can get through the Bjork Bracket, he’ll have to get by whichever contender comes out of Charo, which could be any of these people…



(1) RIHANNA vs. (5) ELLE FANNING or (13) DEMI LOVATO – Thursday

Stella McCartney is putting up a fight, but with not quite 40 percent of the vote, so far it’s not enough to block Rihanna from the Sweet Sixteen. Elle Fanning is clinging to her 53-percent majority over Demi, though, so that worm could still turn, so to speak. Vote here.


Heidi is a slam-dunk — she is TRAMPLING Diane Kruger; only 5 percent of you voted for DK. But Biel vs Hendricks is one of our tighter contests. Right now Hendricks has a 53-percent haul of votes, but Biel has been inching up on her all day. Click to have a say in the outcome.




You Emma Roberts believers can try, but Kim Kardashian has 84 percent of the vote right now and looks to be a lock for her first Sweet 16. But Carly Rae Jepsen is not a sure thing; she has 56 percent of the vote right now over Halle Berry, but anything is possible until the polls close. Click here to vote.

(1) KRISTEN STEWART vs. (4) KE$HA – Friday

Kristen is currently up on Christa B. Allen with 73 percent of the vote. Probably an insurmountable lead. Jessica Chastain is keeping things a bit closer to Ke$ha… but not much. Chasty has 37 percent of the vote and the rest is all to KeUSDha, so if you’re having second thoughts, better vote now on either of these matchups. Otherwise, we’ll see them face off Friday.