No, we weren’t ignoring them. In fact, we’re making the Ks face off to fight one another to get into this thing — after all, what event is complete without one of the various Kardashians outside it, screaming at someone to let them in?  Whichever of the Kardashian sisters you deem the most sartorially challenged gets a pass into the Big Dance, where she will battle Katy Perry (another K — that feels so right) in the first round — and perhaps beyond! So take a look at what the Ks wore this year — make sure you pop by their archives; by no means is this little slideshow comprehensive, though it has some amazing stuff we ignored this year for one reason or another — and then COME BACK TO VOTE. (Obviously, the two women who lose will drop through a hole in the floor and into a vat of boiling hot magma.)

Whose Fug reigns supreme?

  • Kim (41%, 3,691 Votes)
  • Khloe (7%, 621 Votes)
  • Kourtney (52%, 4,680 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,956

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