Well, Sofia Vergara and her cheesy matching peplum and hem have made me draw a blank. So I’ll draw several of them for you.

I need, in this order: an adjective, a noun, a past-tense verb, a noun, an adjective, a past-tense verb, a noun, an adjective, a past-tense verb, an adjective, a noun, an adjective, a noun, a verb, a verb, and another verb. Once you’ve got all that, click through and you can fill them in where they go.

ISN’T IT EXCITING. Please share your results in the comments.

And here is the text of the mad lib:

“Hello! Welcome to Sofia’s [adjective][noun]. I would like to interest you in our daily special, the [past tense verb] [noun], but something tells me you are more interested in the [adjective] uniform that was [verbed] by a [adj][noun] while [adjective] on [noun]. If I [verb] up and down, it will [verb] enough that I might actually [verb]. YOUR MOVE, WITHERSPOON.”

Before we go, though, let’s see her with her fiancé, Mr. Manganiello.

He thoughtfully color-coordinated his suit to his beard. I still find it sort of unbelievable that these two are getting married, mostly because I feel like I’ve only ever seen them in photos like this where it looks like one or the other of them might be a cardboard cutout. In this case, it’s like Cardboard Joe thought he was in a family photo with a bunch of distant cousins he never liked but has to put up with now that he’s famous or else Thanksgiving will be miserable, and then they plugged Sofia in later.

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