Apparently when the color wheel went to Kristen Wiig’s house, it got trapped in her closet, and thirty-three chapters of incoherent drama ensued, preventing it from getting to anyone else. This, I’ve decided, is why Meagan “Stomp The Yard” Good went with the same non-color for both Anchorman 2 premieres, with varying degrees of success.

Let’s start with the better news.

Cute shoes, great makeup, and a (mostly) flattering drape on the dress, even if it does look kind of like it’s feeling itself up in her left groinal region. She looks really pretty and fit and happy, and if you’re feeling picky about this dress and you’re wondering why I am NOT, then let her other offering be the answer to that:

I actually don’t mind this dress either, in theory. But I do mind what it’s doing to her assets — as in, it’s doing nothing to them, and thus nothing for them, and DOUBLE THUS is creating weird optical illusions that are making the whole thing seem worse. Not every garment is made for every person. I think we’ve all been there, where there’s something we want to wear so badly that we’re tempted to overlook a problem; the solution is to put down the toxic fashion and back away, or at least invest in a really good coat for the photography portion of the evening and then go inside and hit the open bar. I just want nice things for you, Meagan, and yes, it took ALL my self-restraint not to deploy a hasty piece of “good/Good” wordplay. Hacky lines are my catnip.

Am I overreacting?

  • Yes! It's a total sex bomb. (2%, 68 Votes)
  • No: It's not flattering, and she deserves better (89%, 2,746 Votes)
  • No, because I don't like it to begin with (9%, 279 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,093

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