Remember how we were talking about Zendaya last week? How cute and well-dressed she is? The trend continues, because this Peter Pilotto dress is super charming on her, and she looks great in it:

And remember how we were also talking about how she was cast as Aaliyah in that Lifetime movie? Well, she’s since dropped out — I don’t know why — and I fear she is sad about that and is wearing her feelings, because Things Have Taken a Turn For the Perplexing And Unfocused:

This is Emanuel Ungaro, and I am 100% sure that the people in charge over there now did NOT want me to look at this and then think, “hey, remember when Ungaro hired Lindsay Lohan as artistic director for like fifteen minutes? THAT was crazy. I wonder if this is from her long-hidden archives?” Sorry, guys. I know we were supposed to pretend that was just a weird dream.

[Photos: Getty]